Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair -- MY TAKE

The biggest stories of the past two weeks have been the deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair.

As a society, we tend to look to enhance and give more attention to the bad side of people when they have passed away especially when talking about celebrities. It’s human nature, it’s easy to pile on the negative in people when they can’t defend themselves. We bring up all the negative aspects of their lives because it makes us feel better about ourselves…when in reality it a way to cover our own insecurities.

With Steve McNair’s death, a lot of his personal life is coming to light about him have a extramarital affair, while still being married with 4 kids. Look, have an affair doesn’t make you a bad person. Maybe there was something in Steve McNair’s marriage arraignment-wise that we didn’t know about that allowed him to have a girlfriend. Again, that doesn’t make him a bad person. From all I’ve read and heard, Steve McNair was a good, giving, and charitable man. He personally went to Louisiana during the aftermath of Katrina to personally had out supplies to those who lose so much in the hurricane. He’s involved in numerous charities, which he not gave his money, but gave his time..something most athletes don’t do. I watched him play for nearly 13 years as one of the toughest quarterbacks to play the game and was the ultimate competitor and teammate…that’s what I want to remember him for…

With Michael Jackson, I’ve read a lot of people thinking that there has been excessive coverage of Michael Jackson’s death…and bring up his pedophile charges…that we should this much coverage to a “Pedophile”…Or his different idiosyncrasies like dangling his baby over his hotel room and his numerous plastic surgeries. As for me, I’m a BIG BIG MICHAEL JACKSON fan. Ever since I saw the “Billie Jean” video, I’ve been a absolute fan of his music. I think he’s a greatest entertainer who ever lived. He’s the King of Pop whose influence so many future artists. When I heard about Michael Jackson’s death was a saddened. I felt like one of my own family members died, because he was a big part of my growing up. When I was kid, I thought the “Thriller” album was the greatest thing in the world. To this day I think the Thriller is the greatest music album off all time!! Yes, in later years, Michael Jackson’s behavior came into question, but there is no denying his musical talent and how he left a legacy in music that can never be or will be duplicated…that’s what I want to remember him for.

So when you remember those who pass on in our lives celebrate the good they did in their lives and their contributions to society, and not dwell on the negative.

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