Monday, December 21, 2009


As a poker dealer, you can’t win...Even though I’m the only the messenger of the cards, I’m often blamed for the message. When a decision is made against the player, it’s usually the dealers fault, but it I put out some one-out miracle, suddenly they’re the best player in the world.

Yesterday, I vented about a couple of players who didn’t know the rules trying to justify that they were right..

But sometimes, doing your job properly can be all worth it....As a universal rule, you can only speak English at the table. Even though they may be talking something unrelated to poker, you have to enforce the “ENGLISH ONLY” rule! The foreign players often get mad or annoyed by it. I remember one day, two Filipino were talking Tagalog about Manny Pacquiauo and although I knew they weren’t discussing poker, I had to enforce the rule and told them, “Look, I know your not talking about poker, but the other players at the table may not know that.”

Anyway, we had someone talking Spanish on the phone...I told him repeatedly you gotta speak English...He ignored me at first, so I kept telling him, “Gotta speak English”..Finally started questions the rule cause he wasn’t in a hand and all this nonsense, but I stood my ground...Sometimes you have to be the bad guy to protect the integrity of the game.

Apparently, another player observed this and was quite impressed..After a pushed him a pot he tossed me a Red Bird ($5 Chip), then tossed me 2 more bucks and said, “And that’s for how you handled that guy...Good job.” It made me feel good that I was appreciated for doing my made me realize...yeah, Most of the’s worth it!!!

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