Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christmas in Arizona??

So we're watching the Cowboys/Bengals preseason game, and my wife asks to look up when the Dallas Cowboys are playing Arizona..Good news, they are playing Arizona....IN ARIZONA!! Which is 4 or 5 hr drive from Vegas...But here's the bad news...the GAME IS ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Now, for the kicker, my wife still wants us to make the drive to Arizona to watch the Cowboys. On the's doable...1) My wife's kids are with their dad on Christmas, 2) The game falls on a Saturday, which is my day off 3) It's an NFL with my wife's favorite team.

But do we really want to spend Christmas Day in Arizona! It never occurred to me before, but I never gave it serious thought for the simple fact that I don't feel like driving home after the game, and the fact that I have to work on Sunday...Plus, I don't think my 4-year old daughter needs to be in a football stadium surrounded by drunks spewing profanity left and right...Don't get me wrong, someday we would love to see a football game live...

So yes, on the surface checking out the Cowboy/Cardinal game is a great idea, but it would seem weird to spend Christmas Day sitting with a bunch of obnoxious football fans...


Oakland (-114) (Cahill) over Texas (Lewis)

RESULT: Oakland 3, Texas 2

Texas had a 2-0 lead going to the 7th, but the Athletics scored 2 in the 7th and 1 in the 8th for the victory

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