Friday, February 8, 2013


Few things in life gets me steaming, tilting, pissed, or angry, but this damn thing does:

Yes, the SELF CHECKOUT KIOSK, seen in every grocery store, every Wal Mart, every Target, even every Home Depot in American (Question about that...what if you just want to buy a sheet of wood, do you use the self checkout line??"

I guess the purpose of these damn things, theoretically, is to make checking out of your favorite store quicker, efficiently, and smoothly. I'm gonna tell you from personal experience...IT DOESN'T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS!! In fact, I think these evils things (probably from Satan himself), takes longer and are sublimatlly  designed to piss people off..

First of all, you walk up to one of these things, and nothing seems to scan right away. I find myself swiping the same frozen pizza 4 or 5 times before it registers the price...Then, if you don't bag it right won't let you continue to scan your other groceries until it's bag..C'mon I just placed my crate of bottled water back in my cart...WHY DO I HAVE TO BAG IT?? WAIT A MINUTE, I CAN'T BAG IT...IT'S A CRATE OF BOTTLED WATER!!!

Okay, then I'm buying a bunch of apples. Again, I have to scavenger through the many different types of apples: Washington, Japanese, Green, Fiji, Red...WTF....I just want to buy apples without worrying if I pressed the right pictures (and yes, I do the difference between a Japanese and Fiji Apple..of at least I think I do), then I'm worrying about if I'm paying too much....Damn....can I just get a picture of a red, ripe apple and be done with it??

Sometimes, I have just have 3 items, but of course, the 1st item won't scan for the 10th times, so I press the "CALL ATTENDANT" and of course, you waiting another 3 or 4 minutes for the attendant you help you because their busy helping the other 2 people who CAN'T SCAN their READY-MADE CHOCOLATE CAKE!! If you want to see 3 angry, annoyed, and irritated people at once, just watch when 3 people looking clueless in front of their Self Checkout Machines, trying to get the attention of the "ATTENDANT" 

Alright, that's enough ranting about these things! My solution: let's take all these self Checkout thingys, pile them up, pour gasoline, and BURN THEM ALL!! 


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