Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Destroyed you on the Flop, not the River

In general, Poker players are big babies! They never do anything wrong. They make all the right moves, and when they do they have to blame someone and it's usually the dealer. Barry Greenstein in his book, "Ace on the River" described dealers as the messenger of the cards...that's precisely who we are. Believe me, if poker dealers can truly control what cards come out we'd be rich and every stiff would be broke in less than a day. Here's a quick story of something that happened yesterday:

The hand plays out to the river. The board ended up

J 5 4 8 Q

Both players flip their hands...One player has J 5, the other player has A J...As I'm pushing the pot winner, the guy with A J who lost, says to me, " You destroyed me on the river"

I quickly responded, "Actually I destroyed you on the flop!"

No one laughed although I thought is was pretty funny.....

On the eBay front, sold 3 things yesterday, so packed them up this morning and dropped them off at the post office. Listed a few things...Love the grind of eBay..This poker dealing gig is not going to last forever, but I need to protect myself..I'm write a future blog about trying to grow my eBay Business...

Till then..have a great day...

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