Monday, February 11, 2008

My Relationship With The Boy!

AS I write this, I'm playing a $10 3,100 player online tournament on PokerStars. I really like this tournament before of the huge overlay...if you cards fall right, you could potential win over $4,000. Although it's a difficult field to navigate through it's worth your time if you hit it one time....SO let's see how I do..

This past Saturday, my fiancee's daughter had a slumber party at my house and I didn't feel like hanging around a bunch of pre-adolesence girls, so I decided to take my financee's son to Circus Circus (What a train wreck that place everywhere!!!). His name is Brayden, and he's a kid with a lot of heart and a kid who is misunderstood at times. First of all, I want to say I absolutely adore the boy (as I like to call him). He can be a little hard-headed, and sometimes doesn't listen, but overall, I believe I have a solid relationship with him. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficient disorder (ADD). Basically, the disorder makes a child hyperactive. When I started dating Tonya (my fiancee), I didn't know How to react to him..he was just out of control at times, but I learned to cope with it by understanding he's a kid and they go through phases. I believe I'm a very positive influence on him because he's I'm the absolute opposite of his mom. I'm the disciplinarian, and I have the enforcer of the rules. Although he gets mad at me when I make him do something he doesn't, I believe he respects me for it...I'm not trying to be his dad, I've told him many times, never call me dad cause he has one..but I believe I can teach stuff his biological parents can't teach him like parts of my Filipino Culture, and it's okay to accept other people. The fact that I'm in his life as a "Filipino" Step Dad will only enhance him as a man when he grows up.

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