Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Venetian Deep Stack and MySpace

Well, I didn't win the first event of the Venetian Deep Stack. Although I only lasted 5 hours, I felt I played a good game..the cards just didn't smile on me when I needed to. I don't care what the "so called" experts say about poker tournaments being a game a skill..there is a lot of luck involved, and you have to catch cards and some point. With the starting field of nearly 600 people..everything had to flow in your direction to have a chance to win them. I was able to build my stack to around 10K at one point (we started with 6K), but unable to really get anything going when the blinds increased. Here are 2 hands from the tournament. One I played badly and one I felt I played well:

First hand: Blinds are 100-200 I opened limped on Middle position with 76 spades and (8K behind). The table was playing rather passive so I felt I could sneak in cheap. One played limped behind, and both blinds were in. The Flop came 5 10 5 two spades..Checked to me. I bet 400...trying to manipulate the pot to draw as cheaply as I can. Everyone folds except the big blind who calls..he has around 9K. I immediately put him on a 5..turn in the Jack of spades completing my Flush..He checks again...I bet 800..he I probably should have bet more to show that I had a made hand...maybe he doesn't call if I bet say...2500 or 3000. River is a 10...Small blind check...I check behind...he shows Q5 to take the pot...I probably should have made a big bet here..I don't think he's calling the 5 with two 10's on the board...knowing I've bet on the flop and turn....oh well

Second hand: Blinds now are 200-400 25 ante..I limp Under the gun with AK..I had raising UTG with this hand...cause if I get raised..I probably have to dump the hand cause I Still have enough chips where I don't need to race, plus it's a tough hand to play out of position. Two more limpers, plus the blinds...Flop comes Q 8 K all diamonds. I don't have a diamond...Everyone checks the flop...turn is an 8. Player with 7K bets 400...The flop screamed weakness..probably J10 with one diamond...Action to me. I decided to see if anyone was slowing playing the flush by raising to 1900...everyone folds the small blinds who goes into the tank. Although this player was solid, he's folded a lot of hands when facing resistance...this time he calls...River is a A Diamond. He checks...I immediately put him on J10 with the 10 of diamonds..I felt he couldn't call a big bet on the river, so I moved in my last 5K, again he goes into the tank before finally folding..

I was really proud of the way I played the hand...I know it was risky, but I had to go with my read and play accordingly. After that I was completely card dead and everytime I tried to make a move to get chips, someone who either raise first or reraise me..I Finally I busted with AK against JJ...Despite the dissapointing finish, I was generally happy with my play...I'll try and playing another event if I can find some was a great time...I'm very confident I'm going to get a big score if I continue to concentrate on my tournament game.

Now, my opinion about MySpace...I use to believe MySpace was for teenagers and a breeding ground for penphilers and creeps, but I found out many of my c0-workers have myspace pages..In fact I added two people from work my page...It's really a good way to keep in touch with all your friends. I'm going to try to get as many of my co-workers added to my friends network..

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