Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Could Have Been RICH!!!! -- Via Apple Inc!

See that Symbol....

I bought several shares of Apple last summer for around $340/Share...Today Apple Inc closed at $468/Share. Today I watched his interesting video:

Really?? Can Apple be worth $1,000/Share one day?? Pretty hard to comprehend how fast and how entrenched how society is with all Apple products. Everybody has an iPod, Everyone has an iPhone, Everyone probably owns something Apple related.

...I'm very happy with the progress of this stock..I wished I could have bought it years ago when it was cheap. 

I was talking to a co-worker today about how incredible The Apple Stock has soared and we talked about how much the stock was worth on the day I got hired, so I decided to do dig deep into this....

I was hired at Ballys' on May 5, 2005...




Just think about that for a moment...If you just bought 100 shares of Apple at that price...you'd have over $46,000!! That's just in six years! 

IF you bought 1000 shares...you'd have near a half a million dollars!!! 

What could have been if I believed in this company just six years ago....but then again if I bought stock in this company 10-15 years ago..I could have gotten it at pennies on the dollar...Talk about compound interest at work.

It seems to be the ceiling for Apple has no boundries and whatever this company releases will be an instant cash cow, so it seems reasonable that even though Apple shares are high, it still could be undervalued and it probably a good idea to buy more stock in this company....

I know I'm looking too..

I also know there is a hidden goldmine out there..A stock that's worth around $5-$7/share today that will be explode like Apple....The hard part is trying to find it...it's there somewhere....where could it be??

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