Monday, February 6, 2012

P90X -- DAYS 5 & 6

P90X -- Week 1 Completed!

The hard part is over! When you get back into a routine, the hardest part is the adjustment back. I've had to wake up early..get the blood flowing quickly, get the oxygen running...

I haven't had trouble with the diet part...lots of protein, minimum carbs...lots of fruits and vegetables.


This is probably the easiest workout...easiest is probably the wrong word to use, because it's still a tough workout, but I've always had strong legs...especially my calves...Although the toughest move is on this's called the Chair looks like this:

It's more of a Yoga move (Which it is in the Yoga X) workout...You have to stay in this position for 30 seconds at a the 20th can feel your legs burning like heck!! 


Kenpo X is a form of karate derived from Japan!! The moves are very similar to the Tae Bo moves. I actually bought the Tae Bo workouts 10 years ago and I must did work, but it just got boring after a while..I really love the Kenpo workout better because there is much more variety in moves..lots of different variation of kicks and punches...It's also a great way to end your P90x week...nothing like a little cardio to get the heart pumping.... I LOVE IT!!

1 week down...12 weeks to go!! Keeping the momentum!!!

On a totally different subject...I got destroyed betting the Superbowl..yup I had a big bet on the New England Patriots!! Can't believe the Patriots receivers forgot how to catch a football!! Oh well...guess that's why they call it gambling.

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