Monday, February 13, 2012

JUST SHUT UP ALREADY -- My Weekend of Poker

It's been two weeks since I played poker...been a combination of not having enough free time and just not feeling it. One of the best attributes I've had as a gambler is I don't force my to gamble if I'm not feeling it, when I'm not motivated I usually don't play well...

On Friday, I felt strongly about playing I decided to get back to the grind...So here's my weekend..


I hate playing at Caesars Palace...let me repeat again..I HATE PLAYING AT CAESARS PALACE! The room had a cold blooded warehouse feel to it...The players are typically uptight and never seemed to be having fun...A typical Caesars Palace poker room night is 10 tables with absolutely no table talk...all you hear is chips clattering and the occasional profanity.

My wife (who LOVES the room..I don't know why) was playing a tournament, so I decided to sweat my wife while I played 1-3 No Limit...I sat down with $300, and immediately noticed two middle-eastern men raising and straddling pots. The best thing about these type of aggressive games is you win can huge pots quickly because these type of players are "Action" Players willing to shove chips in the pot...the downside is the variances are can lose two buy-ins quickly or win just as much in the same amount of time

I won a couple of small pots right away and was able to build my stack to around $370 when this hand came up:

Button Straddle, and I'm in the Small Blind with AK...Since there was a pre-flop raise every hand, I decided to just call and if one of the aggressive players raises, I would come over the top. Of Course, if a Solid Player raises (and we had a couple at my table), I re-evaluate to see how the action develops before I make my decision...BB calls...another limper...then one of the solid players raises to $25..Middle eastern Gentlemen with $500 calls...folded around to me...I look over at the solid player's stack and see he has around $140 behind. Having AK out of position is a dicey situation post- flop. If rags flop, I don't know what to do with two players acting after me, with on being an aggressive player who has me covered. I decided to re-raise to $125. I did for two reasons: 1) to get the short stack to make a decisions for all his chips. 2) to try and get the aggressive player big stack out of my pot. The solid player goes all in...The middle eastern gentleman tanks for a minute, then folds his hand...The board runs out J-high, I show my AK...My opponent taps the felt and says, "AK is good" and shows AQ...The middle eastern gentleman smiles, "Nice hand...I had Pocket Jacks" His neighbor confirmed it...As I rake a nice pot, I give out a welcome sigh of relief that I was able to the best hand out of the pot...


After my wife and I spend the night at Santa Fe Station, it was 10PM I was itching to play poker, but didn't want to drive to the Strip, so I decided to play at my local casino..ALIANTE STATION!! This is my absolute favorite casino in's beautiful, it has a wonderful atmosphere, and most importantly, it's two blocks from my house...

I had a roller coaster session...I was up right away...then lost around $200 when a gentleman goes all in on a flush draw..I call with an overpair...of course, he gets his flush...I was able to get my money back but it took 3 hours...and ended up with a 10 dollar profit...Hey, I'll take it!! A win is a win!!! LOL...but I wanted to bring something up that happened..

It has to do with his FUCKING PRICK........

I typically don't get mad at players who complain about hands, but if you want to get me on immediate tilt...Trash the Dealers...That's exactly what this fucking asshole did for about an hour...I'm very sensitive about players trashing dealers especially if they've done nothing wrong...Players like this asshole have nothing better to do than to say the worst things about dealers..Among other things this fucking jerkoff said:

1) I don't know about these dealers, I fold my hand on the line and they can't stretch to get my cards?? But when if I tip them here, they'll leave their seats to grab it..that's just pure laziness!

After awhile, I said, "You don't like dealers do ya?
He responded, "They don't work hard enough"
At this point I was really upset, but kept my composure, "I guess you're not inviting them to your next birthday part, huh?"
He didn't respond...

But what I really wanted to scream was "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was late and didn't want to cause a scene, but I hate it when players disrespect poker dealers thinking that our job is "easy". I want to give these assholes a deck of cards and have them deal to a table full of jerks who blame you when you lose a hand...


As many of you know I'm a poker dealer at Ballys...I went to work on Sunday and took an E.O (Early out) and wanted to play poker...I was too lazy to drive to a poker room, so I decided to play at Ballys.

I generally have a personal rule that I try not to play in the same room I deal...In my opinion, it's a conflict of interest...I don't like playing with "my" customers. I don't like playing against them, who help me pay my bills (By Tipping), and then taking their money...It fall under the moniker, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." 

Today was unusual as none of our regulars were playing, so I bend my own personal rule and play...Plus I we had a hard time starting the game, so I wanted to help out to at least get the game the room.  

How did session go?? One word: INCREDIBLE!!!!

I won nearly $400 bucks playing Straight forward always helps that I was getting premium hands almost every other hand....AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ...Not only that...whenever i got these premium hands, my opponents had just enough to call me down...even calling when i made huge bets...It was one of those sessions where a Monkey could have made money with the cards I was getting (Not that I call myself a monkey...)

So I had a profitable 3 day-poker session...I'm telling ya, I've been running hot the past month and half. More importantly, I feel I'm playing incredible poker and feel I'm in a zone. I'm hoping I can sustain this a long time or least play well enough where when i do run into a bad session I can minimize my losses!!

Right now, Poker has been fun!! I'm enjoying every minute of it....

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