Thursday, February 16, 2012

INSERT COINS -- Personal Review

Last Friday, my wife and I had a double date with some friends and headed to downtown Vegas (Old Strip) for a night on the town....After dinner at Hash House A Go Go -- That place where they serve an abnormally amount of food that is better off sharing...we headed to a bar called INSERT COINS across from Fitzgeralds:

IINSERT COINS LAS VEGAS is one of the most unique bars in Las Vegas, which is saying something for a city that littered with outstanding bars/nightlife spots. The bar itself is a 10 Flat-Screen TVS where you can have a drink while playing X360/PS3 Games. They also seating areas where (for $30 worth of drinks), you can play all sorts of videos games while drinking the night away. It's definitely something different than the usually meat-markets bars typically are.  But the center attraction is the video games encompassing the entire floor, but not just any's "old school" video games from the 80's like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga along with obscure games like TRON, Joust, and Tapper!! Here's a pic of my one my favorites:

When I was kid I spent any quarter I earned on this...I mean, how insane of a concept is Burgertime..Your a chef, armed with a salt/pepper shaker...running up and down ladders trying to make a complete hamburger, at the same time, avoiding creepy and evil looking Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Eggs!!

The only downsides to this place is some of joysticks don't work so I wasted a few coins on Mortal Kombat II and Galaga, and the drinks were a little pricey ($5 for beer, $3 for fancy water) but the good points outweigh the bad points. If you're looking to do something different in the Vegas experience I highly recommend trying this place out..

INSERT COINS LAS VEGAS has a nostalgia feel for 30-something year old guy like's takes me back to my youth at the time when everything was simple. As soon as you get off school, everyone rides their bikes, walk to their favorite arcade hangout, share a slice of pizza while wasting their afternoons on video games...then we do it all over the next day.

My wife and our friends definately had a awesome time playing "Old School" Video games and reliving our youth. So if you find yourself in Downtown Las Vegas, I highly recommend giving INSERT COINS LAS VEGAS a try.

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