Friday, June 29, 2007

Omaha Madness

I love Omaha Hi Lo. It's become my absolute favorite cash game. I play it exclusively on Pokerstars and a few Vegas Casinos that spread them. It's a game with so many hand combinations that'll drive you insane, and of course it's a frustrated game where you can have the best hand/draw going to the river only to be counterfiited. With that said I believe it's a very beatable game because not to many people know how to play it correctly. As an example, here in Vegas there are a few players who play it regularly, but still have no clue what they're doing which makes it very lucritive. The typical 4-8 game at Red Rock is easier than the typical 1-2 on Stars.

I've also cashed in quite a few Omaha tourneys, both Pot Limit and Limit. In all cashes I've put myself in a position to win the tournament, but I seemed to always get a tough beat at the wrong time. Hopefully things with turn around and I could win those coin flips

I'm heading to San Francisco this Wednesday to visit my brother. Hopefully, I can find time to visit one of my favorite cardrooms, BAY 101 in San Jose.