Monday, February 1, 2010

My Pursuit to $10,000 (Days 21-31 --Nothing but Sit and Gos and donking off at Aliante

Days 21-31 (Sit and Gos, then Donking off to the Locals)

Had a remarkable run in the Sit and Gos…cashing in 10 of the 14 I played, which included 5 consecutive cashes. I’m playing very well. On the other side of the ledger, I lost 130 dollars playing 2-4 Limit at Aliante Station. It’s so funny. I actually went to watch a basketball game, I peeked at the poker room and saw an open seat…and unfortunately I took. I played so fucking bad…I was playing too many hands and playing them badly. I guess when you get your aces cracked twice, you tend to play worst..Oh well..

Didn’t play any poker from last Wednesday till Sunday as I attended my mother’s retirement party. So this week, I’ll be trying to catch up. Hopefully, my good fortune will continue.

After One month, I’m up about $100 during this pursuit. I’m not discouraged or lost confidence…I’ve been playing very low stakes…I see this as a marathon, not a sprint. If I just cut off donking money off, I’ll get on track. I’m still extremely confident I’ll hit my $10,000 goal.


Live Tournaments -- $-175
Live Cash Games -- $137
Online Cash Games --$-14.55
Online Sit and Gos -- $157.50
Online Tournaments -- $-13.20