Friday, September 19, 2008


As a kid I loved GAME SHOWS…I can remember as a kid watching shows like PRESS YOUR LUCK, CARD SHARKS, TIC TAC DOUGH, and SALE OF THE CENTURY and be absolutely fascinated by them. Back in the 80’s, games shows always came on in the morning, so I would get up, grab me a bowl of cereal and watch all the games shows back to back. I especially loved the trivia game shows and I would try to answer the questions along with the contestants..I think it was the roots for my competitive nature, because I would always try my best to be right.
So it probably won’t surprise you that the GAME SHOW NETWORK is one of my favorite TV Stations. They still show those great 80’s game shows and I’m still very fascinated by them. The game shows of today are too “Over the top” in my view…they have too many big productions to be taken seriously. Today’s game shows are actually reality shows. Back in the heyday of game shows, the concepts was simple…”Answer the question get an X or O” “IS the next card Higher or lower”, “Avoid the Whammy”, “Get to the Top of the Pyramid in 60 seconds” One of the best parts of these games shows are the outdated prizes they give away…like answering machines and “BETA MAX”
Currently, TIC TAC DOUGH is my favorite because they’re running the 46 game winning streak of Thom McKee, a Naval Pilot who held the record for the biggest winnings in history at over $312,000. It’s a record that held for over 20 years until Ken Jennings of Jeopardy game came along to shatter that record. My wife and I have been watching every episode since the beginning and are completely in awe of good Thom Mckee was, and nearly 30 years later…it tough not to respect what this man did.
80’s games shows….just a slice of Americana that should never be forgotten.