Friday, December 6, 2013


Albuquerque, New Mexico...I lived there from 1997-2000. It's a time of my life I try to block and never talk about. It was a time of frustration, confusion, bad decisions, and most of all a lot of heartache. It's been 13 years since I left Albuquerque and haven't really talked about my time there to anyone: Not my acquaintances, not my friends, not even my wife...My wife and I have been together for 11 years, and she has been trying to get me to open up about my 3 years in Albuquerque for a long time, and each time, I've shunned answering her. I didn't want to open Pandora Box. I didn't want to believe of the things that happened there happened to me. I've been trying for so long to erase my memories of that time of life for 13 years. Because every time I think about those "Albuquerque" years, I get depressed, sad, and always shed a tear. I always have a myriad of emotions every time I think about those 3 years

Lately though I've been doing a lot of remising about my life...or the good times and the bad times. I believe my time in Charletson, South Carolina was some of the best times of my life. I believe my time in Las Vegas, NV was some of the best times of my life, but in between I lived this Southwestern state and became the worst time of my life.

So this blog entry will be more therapeutic for myself. To finally open up about Those Albuquerque days...I'm about to opened up Pandora's box and reveal every detail of those 3 years, and why it scarred me for a long time...I'll probably be crying a lot as I type these words in because it will bring huge emotion and I hope you, my blog readers, will bear with me as I pour my heart into this blog entry. It something I probably don't want to do, but something I NEED to do:

I will divide these blog into 3 parts representing the 3 parts of my Albuquerque time:

PART 2: YEAR ONE (Adjusting to my new life and Meeting Gina)
PART 3: PROFESSIONAL (How a Group of military people treated me like dirt)
PART 4: PERSONAL (My First Marriage -- Scarring my heart)