Monday, July 16, 2012


In the wee-hours of the morning 4:50 AM to be exact, I aimlessly walk through the Las Vegas Strip and enter the Planet Hollywood casino. Walking through the surprisingly tranquil casino floor....

"Wow, not too many drunks stumbling around.." I thought as I slowly walk through the maze of party girls finishing their last guzzle of fruity spirits, and guys walking around in groups of two and threes obviously striking out in their pursuit of their "One Night Stand" or "Vegas Memory". I ended up at the Planet Hollywood Poker room and approach the cashier desk..

The Planet Hollywood poker room is a smorgasbord of hustling guys and gals playing the great game of poker. The Loud cracking of shuffling chips, the occasional scream of "Good hand" and "You called me with that?" and screams of "Seats Open" from the poker dealers resonate throughout the room. Stacks of $5 Chips and $1 Chips  fill this poker room in front of wanna be professionals, drunks party kids who stumbled from the nearby "Heart" bar, middle aged men, and insomniacs trying to squeeze and absorb every minute of their Las Vegas vacation. "My plane leaves in two hours" one young party animal says..typical Vegas visitor

Two familiar faces are standing next to each at the makeshift podium which acts as a cashier cage. The Dealer is a familiar...we'll call her "A" and the floormen, we'll call him "J" are chatting with each other as I approach him.

"A" recognizes me instantly, "Ron, what are you doing here so late?" The puzzled look on her face was priceless. Yeah, I'm probably the last person she'd probably see there at this hour. 

I smirk, "Took my parents to the airport, decided to play some poker."

"A" smiles, "I'll see if there's a seat for you."

"A" searches the busy poker room and as she does, I have a short conversation with the floorman, "J", "J" is a young guy with a Cajun accent with a lot of enthusiasm. I really like "J" personality. The kind of guy who seems like he always has his dealers back and would probably be a fun person to have a beer with.

"A" Points out an empty seat. I walk towards my new seat simultaneously gazing the stacks at the table. Couple of stacks of $500, some $200, and one guy with over $1000....I decided to buy in for $300. I hand "A" my cash and within minutes she brings me a rack containing 300 red. I pull out 2 bucks to tip "A". "A" wouldn't take it, she smiles, "Just get me in the box." I insisted on tipping her but again she relented...

I finally sit down and open my "POKER INCOME" Application on my iPhone and record all the details of his session:


I toss my players card to the dealer who swipes me in, already thinking about using my comp points for the delicious Earl of Sandwich. The dealer pitches the cards, as I lined my red chips in a row and peek at my cards....5 4 Offsuit...when its my turn...I toss them into the muck, tossing him high like a helicopter but being careful that I don't expose my cards...

A pretty middle-aged cocktail waitress ask me if I wanted something to drink. I politely declined....

And with that.....My Planet Hollywood sessions begins....

PART 2......SOON