Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ron's Latest Poker Results and Commentary

I’ve had good results playing live and online poker…First some my online results:

I cashed in a $80,000 Guarantee tournament with over 2400 people…I finished 45th for $221..pretty decent for a $50 tournament…I had a ton of chips for a long time in that tournament..At one point, I had over 200,000 chips..I got most of my chips playing positional poker and not going to showdown if I can help it…I was playing a lot of pots in position and calling a lot of small raises against similar of bigger stacks, trying to use my ever-improving post-flop skills to my advantage..The undoing was I rarely won a race! Whenever I had a pair against two over cards..the over cards hit and when ever I had AK against a pair..I never paired up..it was frustrating, but they’ll come a time when I’ll win those at crucial moments…Overall, I was very happy with my play.

I also had small cashes in a $30 and $20 buy in tournaments…so it’s I’ve been pretty consistent

As far my live play poker..I’ve had 3 sessions: One 10-20 Limit sessions and 2 No Limit:

A co-worker has been telling me about the 10-20 Limit games over at the Mirage….Before I go on, let me tell you..that before the “Poker Boom” of 2003..I played strictly Limit Poker…and specially I logged a ton of hours playing the Mirage 10-20 Limit Game. But I hadn’t played the Mirage game for 4 years because of combination of not having the money to play because of my family obligation and the fact, that I’ve been playing mainly No Limit Cash games. Lately I’ve been getting the itch to play Mid Limit Poker so 2 weeks ago, I decided to play in it again. I started a new game and bought in for $300. I always bought in for $500, but my wife was with me so she took $300 and played No Limit.

Immediately I was down $150 bucks after my Pockets Kings were cracked on the river my Pocket 9’s…after that..I was able to go on a nice run…remembering all the fundamental Limit Hold Em concepts I learned 6-7 years ago…and was able to walk away winning $500!! Not bad!! I’ll definitely play that game more often..it was fun going back to my roots.

I played 2 No Limit Sessions last Friday..First, it was Ceasars Palace..I totally hate that room..I cannot stand playing cash games there..not sure why..just hate the vibe and the clientele are some of the worst I’ve played with. The reason I played was my wife was playing a tournament…But After an hour, I left the table up $101! My wife was still in the tournament, so I decided to walk across the street and playing at Harrahs

It was the first time I played there. The Room was nice, but there was too many locals to my liking. I played for 3 hrs and made $130...I was lucky to make that much because I was completely card dead the entire sessions. I basically had to manufacture winning pots with timely bluffs and precise value bets when I did pick up a hand. I probably play too many sessions there, but I don’t have a bad thing to say about that room.