Monday, March 17, 2008

Finding Old Friends and Other Random Thoughts

Happy St. Patrick Day!! Lotta "Green" spirits will be consumed today and plenty of pinching.

The best thing about Myspace is you'll able to find buddies you haven't spoken too or seen for a long time. This week I found two guys I worked with during my military days at Charleston AFB, SC. It's great to touch base with them and add them to my friends network. I'm still searching for more of my Charleston buddies, because of the 11 years I was in the Air Force, the time I spent in Charleston were my favorite.

As many of you know I'm getting married July 5th, and the wheels are in motion. My financee and mom are setting everything up. We sent out our invitations and hopefully many of my out of state friends will attend. The biggest dissapointment from my first wedding was that none of my friend attended, probably because it was so haphazardly put together that they had little time to make plans. This time around I gave my friends enough time to make arrangements.

I've been grinding at the lower Omaha Hi Lo limits on Pokerstars, nearly 10,000 hands the past two months After a disasterous February, I reevaluated my Omaha game and made some minor adjustments. The results have been a very profitable March for me. My bankroll has been steadily moving upward. Hopefully, I can keep it up.

March Madness starts this Thursday...and it's the best sporting event in the world. I'll definately have money riding on a few games..I'm looking at UCLA to win the whole thing...Also, I'll be rooting for the local team, UNLV, to go very far.