Friday, July 13, 2007

Bay Area and a visit to their cardrooms

The Bay Area, CA is one of my favorite places to visit, mainly because of the weather. When you live in a city as hot as Las Vegas and go to the Bay Area, its going from one extreme to another. When we left Vegas it was a record-setting 115 degrees, but the Bay Area stayed around 70 the entire time.

My brother live Hayward which is about 15 minutes away from SF. So it was nice seeing my nephews and niece. My brother took my finance and I to a small little cardroom called Casino San Pablo located outside of Oakland. I've been to bad cardrooms before, but this has the rank as the worst one of all. First of all it's in a bad location so the clientel was very "shady" I felt I was going to get robbed at any moment. The games sucked as they raked 4 bucks no matter what was in the pot, so it wasn't even worth it to play 3-6 limit, and the dealers were surly and rude. None of them ever said Thank you when you tipped them. After 20 minutes and 20 bucks later, I didn't want to play anymore. It was just an absolutely unpleasant experience.

The night before we left my finance and I visited Bay 101...Although we didn't get a chance to play ( the waiting list was ridicoulously long), it was fun watching how this room jumps. It seemed very well run and organized. I definately have to put this cardroom as a place to play on my next visit.

On the poker front, haven't played since I came back. I put in a 3 hrs session on Stars 1-2 Omaha Hi Lo and after a rough start I managed to squeeze out a small profit. The Orleans Open is about to begin tommorrow. I plan on getting in on a few events.