Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Day Downswing and Survivor China

Tough going the past two days, I've lost 25 BBs...I've been really distracted. My daughter has been pretencious, wanting me to hold when I do, I'm not concentrating on the tables. AS a result, I've been making bonehead calls. I haven't been to the point of tilting as I've been able to calm myself down during my bad swings..

Well, the new Survivor debuted tonight. I haven't really followed it since the first couple of season, but this year is intriguing. First, it's in China. Second the cast in interesting. There is a poker player Jean Robert Bellande, who really needs to hit the gym...(SIT UPs, Please) and Ashley, who is a pro wrestler for the WWE. I'm kinda a wrestling geek, so I have to wait and see how the dynamics will work out. First impressions is I think Ashley won't be around long, as hasn't endeared herself to her tribe by being sick all the time. Jean Robeft will probably last a long time. I think he'll lay low then strike when the time is right...just like a good poker player!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3rd Winning Session in a row

Had another monster session on 1-2 Omaha Hi Lo, won 20 BB. When you've had a bad streak like I've had, you take little streakes like this and enjoy them. I think the self analysis I've made on game has really helped. Been tighter on my hand selection, but playing them aggressively when I get a favorable flop/draw.

One the best features of Pokerstars is their Frequent Player Point system. I've used them to buy poker room, IPods, clothes and other items. It has also been a cheap way to accumulate tournament dollars. Well, tonight I mention to my finance the new items they added to their store. One of which was the Ipod Shuffler, so I guess I won't be entering any FFP tournaments until I get enough for the Shuffler. It should take me too long. I'm GOLD status, so I'm able accumulate FFP at a rapid pace.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cooling off In Las Vegas

Weather wise, this is the best time of the year to live in Las Vegas. Last couple of days, the weather is cooling off and the first signs of the autumn season is here. Unlike other part of the country, when the weather changes you really feel it. A couple of weeks ago the weather was still in the 100's. Today it was 89....and the weather will only get better

I've had a very good couple of Omaha Hi Lo sessions the last two days -- winning about 40 Big Bets. It's a been a combination of hitting flops and players overplaying two pair. Will these guys realize two pair is not a strong Omaha Hand?? There has been an influx of new players in the 1-2 games, partly because of the %25 deposit bonus during the WCOOP, so the games have been softer than usual. Need to get these new fishes money before it's gone.

I played a 1000 FPPs satellite for the $1050 No Limit Event next Sunday. Only the top 4 got seats. Unfortunatly, I finished 34th. I was playing very aggressively trying to get a big stack because it wasn't worth finishing 5th..Oh well, I'll continue to try.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emotions and Poker

As I write this it’s 1:24 AM Sunday morning. My fiance and daughter are fast asleep and I have a bad case of insomnia. I guess now is a good enough time to enter another entry into my blog. I just finished a roller coaster session of 1-2 Omaha Hi Lo on Poker Stars, and after a rough start I managed two squeak out a small win. Looking back at the session I realized two things: 1) I still have to work on my emotions. Too many times I take a couple of horrific beats and end up playing horribly for a few minutes. It’a major leak I’m desperately looking to fix. For example, tonight, in my first 3 hands I lost on the river a full house, a flush, then a straight, then I went on to donk off a few of my chips. I feel if I can get though this part of my game, I will be on my way to consistent poker. 2) There are just some really bad players, and I’m not talking about players who play for 2 or 3 days, then are never heard from again, but regulars who are just plain putrid. I won’t mention names, but if you watch the low limit Omaha games, you’ll pick out the fish.

I’m currently reading Matthew Hilger’s Inside the Poker Mindset, and it’s one of the great books in the subject of emotions and how to deal with them. Although I still have a hard time grasping at his concepts, I’m slowly starting to realize how important it is to control yourself. Once you control yourself, you can control your game, and therefore be a consistent winner.

Well, the World Championship of Online Poker is underway and it’s on its way to record setting prize pools. I’ve tried a few satellites without much luck. Hopefully, I’ll be able to win one and get to play an event.