Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm a child of the 80's....
I love everything about the 80's
Wall Street, Karate Kid (Macchio version), Just One of the Guys, Breakfast Club, and 3 O'clock High are among my favorite 80' movies

But most of all I LOVE THE MUSIC of the 80's!!!

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I began thinking about what I wanted to write for my next blog. Usually, I'll have my iPod blasted throughout my room usually singing along like some Friday-Night karaoke singer on his 5th beer, thinking I'm in a capacity-filled arena. I usually set my iPod to "Shuffle" so some random song will start playing. I have 1,100 songs tucked away from Billy Joel to Justin Timberlake, from Human Nature to Alanis Morrissette, from Stryper to Nickelback, from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars. The best part about setting my IPod to shuffle, sometimes you come across an obscure song from you childhood/teenager years, or to a happy time of your life (or a sad time in your life), or to a significant moment that changed your life forever. You hear the song, stop whatever you were doing and think about those moments in your life. For me, I'm usually smiling, dancing, cheering, and you feel you heart fill with precious gold that warms you all over, and for those 3-5 minutes the song is playing, you lose yourself in it forgetting about the troubles, stress, and the day to day grind that is your life.

Today, those 80's songs are guilty pleasures, songs are forgotten by the today's standards, but I love them and will always have them blasted in my IPod as I'm relaxing, playing poker, or working never want to lose that part of your life that is pure and innocent....Believe me it'll keep you from going insane.

So I'm want to present some my favorite bands, singers, songs of the 80's:

Culture Club -- For the longest time I thought Boy George was a girl. Music was very infectious.

Stryper -- Christian Heavy Metal Band who wore Yellow and black. Saw them in concert for the first time a few years of the greatest moments of my life. Probably my favorite Heavy Metal Band of all time. I used to wear their Pin to school, and everyone would ask me if I was

Hall and Oates: "I Can't Go For that" is still one of my favorite songs of all time.

The Jets  --  I had a lot of Samoan friends and I thought they were related to this group -- Come to find out they weren't Samoan, they were from the Island of

Cutting Crew -- "I Just Died in your Arms" another classic. Although they had another obscure song I love even more, "I've Been in Love Before"

Huey Lewis and The News -- I love this band! Another group where every song was infectious! They just looked a bunch of guys playing good music and having a great time! I've never seen them in concert..I would love to someday...not sure if they're still performing.

There you have it. My 80's guilty pleasure. I'm sure I left off enough 80's bands to fill two or three blogs, but I wanted to go as obscure as possible with my selections. Whenever a song from one of these bands start blaring my iPod, I know it's time to lose yourself.....and smile!