Friday, August 10, 2007

Nice Cash at Orleans Open

It’s a been a while since I had a chance to put something in my blog and a lot has happened.

First of all, I played the $330 Omaha Hi Lo event At the Orleans Open and survived through day 1 and managed to be a part of a 17-way chop!!! Yeah you read it right. There were 17 of us left and we were just tired of playing. IT wasn’t easy, we had Marsha Wagggoner who wouldn’t budge and another pro whose name escapes constantly bickering over a few hundred bucks! At one point, Waggoner wouldn’t deal unless she got 5K, which was funny because she wasn’t even the chip leader. Then she mad a comment about just playing it out cause she can take it down anyway…whatever!! Just because you’ve been on TV does not mean jack to me!! I was very impressed with Vince Burgio, who was one of the remaining 17 players…He never said a word the entire time, seems like a very class guy. During the entire discussion, I rarely said a word, but after a while I had a enough and finally told them, “How you can guys be so greedy over 100-200 bucks!!! Anyway, we finally agreed that everyone got $3,000 and chopped the rest by chip count. I ended up with $3400!! Not bad!

The Omaha Cash was a catalyst of a very good run I’ve had online…I’m up around $1,000 since then and really feeling confident in my game. I’m hoping it’ll continue. AS long as I don’t tilt I feel I can consistently beat the Pokers Stars Omaha games

That’s it for now..

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