Friday, July 31, 2009

Poker Tournaments...Poker Tournament...How I LOVE THEM!!

As the minutes countdown in July and goes into August, I want to talk about my favorite subject to talk about....POKER!! Specially, Poker Tournaments!

Most of my poker playing the past two weeks have been playing tournaments....specifically online poker tournaments. Although I haven't had a "HUGE SCORE" per se, I've had consistent results. I've played 5 online tournaments the past two weeks and cashed in 3 of them. The encouraging part of my cashes is that I've improved each time:

July 12th -- $33 Buy In ($15,000 Guarantee) -- 85th out of 934 players...Good for $53
July 18th -- $11 Buy In Deep Stack -- 228th out of 1,827...Good for $17
July 26th -- $33 Buy In ($15,000 Guarantee) -- 63rd out of 786 players...Good For $56
July 28th -- $33 Buy In ($15,000 Guarentee) -- 37th out of 868 Players -- Good For $78

It's extremely difficult to get through these huge fields of players, so I'm very happy with my play...I've been played my normal game, tight aggressive, and making moves at the appropriate times against certain chip stacks. Lately I've been implementing a late game strategy I picked up from an online pro that has been beneficially, where I'm able to pick up precious blinds and antes without much resistant.

I've put a lot of effort in these tournaments, trying to make the best optimal play for a given situation without being "results oriented". I've trained myself that if you make the right play the results will take care of itself.

For August, I've going to be as many online poker tournaments as I can...I'm VERY Confident in my game right now and I feel I'm due for a huge run...I think I earned, but most of all, I deserve it!!

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