Sunday, March 8, 2015

Random Thoughts of a Poker Dealing Blogger -- March 8, 2015

Today is the beginning (which I believe) of something special...I think anyways. For the past few months I've been very bad about updating my blog, because basically, I really have nothing to talk about it...This blog was mainly about poker, but I don't play much anymore. That doesn't mean I should be blogging despite not playing much poker. Maybe I've been over thinking this blog. Maybe I want this blog to be to perfect! It shouldn't be...I should just sit here and express my random thoughts about life and events I've observed in a day.

So starting today, I'm going to making a conscious effort to update my blog every day...yes EVERY DAY! Even if I think I have nothing to say, I'm going sit in front of his computer and type in my thoughts and observations of my day. Some days will be interesting and fun, others will be bland and boring, but I have to write something.

The past two days, I've been listening to Anthony Robbins Mastery of Life on YouTube (It's amazing the information you can find on YouTube), and one of the principles concepts is CANI!, which means Constant and Neverending Improvement. Today I've been trying to apply this concept where I can improve my life in small forward moving steps. From here on out, I'm gonna to use the CANI! Concept every day. So we'll see how this works out.

Now some random observations for today:

-- Sold 2 items on eBay..Been an incredible week and looking for another great upcoming week
-- Didn't list anything on eBay today cause I've been trying to catch up on WWE Smackdown
-- Won my sports bet today (Manhattan -2.5)
-- Was in a very good mood for most of the day despite having a spotty day @ work.
-- A reader of my blog was playing in our room today and didn't even know it. He actually said, "Are you, Ron B." of Internet Blogger fame??" Was kinda shocked that someone would ask me about but felt good at the same time that someone was reading it.
-- It's 22 days until Wrestlemania 31! I'm counting down the days!! Can't believe I'm gonna be there!

Well, that's a start. Just wanted get things written down and hopefully this is a start of many blogging days.

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