Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today, I'm heading to Reno for a couple of days. My wife is playing the "Nevada Poker Ladies Championship" and I'm tagging along for 4 days of poker. I haven't played in two weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting a couple of long sessions in. Also, this is the perfert time to catch up on my sleep.

I've always said the most important commidity in your life is not's time! It seems I never get enough sleep. I always get to bed at 11:30PM..toss and turn cause my wife doesn't turn off the TV, and I wake up at 5:50 AM, usually to take my stepdaughter to her bus stop, then I come home and do P90x for an hour. So there are days when I feel extremely sluggish and just dead tired. On my days off, I'm always doing something with my family, so I try to get in a catnap now and then.

So this Reno trip comes at the perfect time. I'm gonna get a lot of poker and sleep in, and hopefully watch my wife take down the Ladies Championship.

I'm not looking forward to the drive. The drive from Las Vegas to Reno is brutal cause there is no "highway" miles. Your literally trying through every small town in the entire state. I used to believe that Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson were the only cities in Nevada. I thought the rest of the land was used as a test site for the military to try out their latest Nope, there are other cities like Hawthorne, Sparks, and Indian Springs...with people milling around...even a WalMArt..and Yes, even small

Thanks to my iPad, I'm going to try to update my blog while I'm up there...Hopefully it'll be lots winning and lots of profits..:)

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