Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Alot has happened since my last blog update....combination of my trip to Reno along with working out late at night, has left me little time to sit in front of my computer to convey my thoughts to my readers. As I'm writing this, I just finished another workout, listening to "Here I go Again" by WhiteSnake, it's 10:40PM..this is the perfect time to update everyone on my trip to Reno, NV:

Went to Reno, Nevada to sweat my wife as she played in the Nevada Ladies Poker Championship. This is a chance for my wife to have a mini-vacation, which we try to do once a's a very relaxing and tranquil time I enjoy very much. My plan was to play a lot of poker. I played at the Peppermill and The Grand Sierra and I had a profitable session each time, but I found the games very tight, and unsocialable..just mindless people playing with their checks trying to grind out every dollar. This is a sharp contrast than the games I'm used to in Las Vegas. Yes, there are more "Grinders" and "wannabe" pros, but I like that fact that the Las Vegas poker games are littered with "Tourists" with disposable income to don't care if they win or lose...they want to find a good poker game, have social interaction with the players, and generally have a great time...In Reno, the tone is more serious, a little like playing in Los Angeles Cardrooms (Without all the hostility and fights).

I played a gentlemen who opitimized this point..."Mac" (As the floor and dealers called him) took a seat to my left and immdiately complained to the guy to his left to move over so he could have more room for his oxygen one of these...

One thing I notice about people who roll these things around a casino, is they are the grumpiest people I've ever met and get agitated really easy. Anyway, I notice this guy talking to himself the moment he got dealt his first hand to the moment he went broke (By me...thankfully)

Now I want to talk about my favorite part of the trip....During the Nevada Ladies Championship, I had the pleasure of having dinner with my wife's friends during her dinner break...I recongized one of the ladies as I dealt to her at Ballys. When I brought it to her attention, she said, I thought you looked familiar. After my wife left to complete the tournament, I stayed behind to continue my dinner with my wife's friends...they were talking about poker strategy which I absorbed intently. I'm always looking to gaining knowledge and these ladies provided me some interesting insights. One Lady in particular, London Gallagher (Who appeared in one of the World Poker tour Ladies Shows which featured Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier) made the best anology about poker. London, I apologize in advance if I butcher Anyway, London said poker is like a football cause when you're the offense, the defense is always looking for ways to counter your tendencies so you're always looking for ways to counter whatever they do. It makes a lot of sense cause in poker, every poker player has tendencies, you're job is to find ways to exploit those tendencies to find the best way to beat them...Thanks for the advice, London!

The Reno trip was awesome because, despite my wife running bad in her tournaments, we were able to eat basically for free and have a profitable trip thanks to the wonderful game called 3-card Poker, where we won all our money.

On out drive home, we stopped by a small town called Beatty, Nevada for a piss break at a small casino called Stagecoach:

While I waiting my wife to finish her business, I walked around this small casino, to get a ideal of what they had...then I spotted this machine...

It's MEGABUCKS!!! Megabucks is the symbol of the Las Vegas dream everyone tries to achieve...stick 3 bucks in one for a chance at a progressive jackpot of over 10 Millions bucks!!! I starred at this machine for a solid minute, the thought what the hell, so when my wife came out. I told her lets stick 24 bucks in here and spin 8 times and whatever happens after 8 spins, we cashed out...So we did...and lol and behold...we won $100!!! Now, that's the profitable piss break!! LOL

For 4 days, we ran really well....what a nice trip to Reno, Nevada....."THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD!"

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