Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Worked 3Hrs

Very slow day...nothing more to say...

Today's blog I wanted to address the passing of Paul Magriel.

If you've played low No Limit Hold Em in Las Vegas with any frequency, you've see Paul "X22" Magriel grinding these stakes. He's been doing it for as long as I've been dealing.

I've dealt to Paul Magriel many times! He's been a frequent visitor in our poker room for years. He's known the Quack Quack for deuces and betting in increments of 22. He's also a very eccentric character in the Las Vegas poker scene with his facial tics to his many idiosyncrasys.

Those who knew Paul Magriel as the father of Backgammon..having written of the bible of the game and won many tournaments. He's considered one of the greatest backgammon players in the world.

It's so weird and surreal, because Paul Magriel was just in our room last week grinding our 2-3 No Limit game..He was his usual self....his facial tics and idiosyncrasys at full effect but at the same time...he was brilliant at the game of poker...I love watching him play and tried to pick up a few pointers using some his tactics in my game.

Ironically, the last image of Magriel was of him taking a picture with one of the players...it was something I never saw him do...he was smiling..he seems content....he seemed happy....

I'm going to keep that image of him on my mind....that's what I want to remember him


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