Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3rd Winning Session in a row

Had another monster session on 1-2 Omaha Hi Lo, won 20 BB. When you've had a bad streak like I've had, you take little streakes like this and enjoy them. I think the self analysis I've made on game has really helped. Been tighter on my hand selection, but playing them aggressively when I get a favorable flop/draw.

One the best features of Pokerstars is their Frequent Player Point system. I've used them to buy poker room, IPods, clothes and other items. It has also been a cheap way to accumulate tournament dollars. Well, tonight I mention to my finance the new items they added to their store. One of which was the Ipod Shuffler, so I guess I won't be entering any FFP tournaments until I get enough for the Shuffler. It should take me too long. I'm GOLD status, so I'm able accumulate FFP at a rapid pace.

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