Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Day Downswing and Survivor China

Tough going the past two days, I've lost 25 BBs...I've been really distracted. My daughter has been pretencious, wanting me to hold when I do, I'm not concentrating on the tables. AS a result, I've been making bonehead calls. I haven't been to the point of tilting as I've been able to calm myself down during my bad swings..

Well, the new Survivor debuted tonight. I haven't really followed it since the first couple of season, but this year is intriguing. First, it's in China. Second the cast in interesting. There is a poker player Jean Robert Bellande, who really needs to hit the gym...(SIT UPs, Please) and Ashley, who is a pro wrestler for the WWE. I'm kinda a wrestling geek, so I have to wait and see how the dynamics will work out. First impressions is I think Ashley won't be around long, as hasn't endeared herself to her tribe by being sick all the time. Jean Robeft will probably last a long time. I think he'll lay low then strike when the time is right...just like a good poker player!!!

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