Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Pursuit to $10,000 (Days 12-15)

Day 12 (Nothing But Sit and Gos -- SNGs)

Played 4 Sit and Gos and won 2 of them.

For those who don’t know, Sit and Gos (or SNG) are in the broadest terms are tournaments that starts when they get a certain amount of people who want to play..they can be 2 or 3 table tournaments…180 players….etc. But generally SNGs are 1 table tournaments. The general strategy is to play tight early and become more aggressive as the blinds and antes increase. If you read the bios of the online professional poker players, many of them got their start playing Sit and Gos…It’s a cheap and easy way to build your bankroll when you have a limited budget. If played right, these SNGs are very profitable. For me, I love SNGs…whenever my bankroll starts to deplete, I just play a SNGs and I’m able to build my bankroll.

Day 14 (Horrible Cash Game Session)

One the biggest Mistakes a poker player can do is to play when you are not mentally prepared. You should be able to sit at a poker table at the beginning of a session, and be sharp at all times, because one mistake could cost you a lot of money…and on this partically day…I didn’t play my best…wasn’t mentally prepared, and it cost me dearly.

Our work was conducting a training class…I got off at 6PM and my class started at 8PM…so how to kill poker of course…and I broke one of my cardinal rules…DON’T PLAY RIGHT AFTER WORK!!! I’ve been dealing all day and I lost a lot of my patience…I was playing too many hands and calling off my money WAY TOO MUCH!! The mortal sin in No Limit Cash Games is CALLING OFF YOUR MONEY!!! I pride myself to always play at an optimal level every time I sit at a poker table, but that night..I was the biggest donkey! It was sad…By the time 8PM rolled around I had lost $173 without batting an eye…

Lesson Learned (Hopefully) -- going to get myself mentally prepared before I play poker..

Day 15 (SNGs and Multi-Table tournaments)

Played 2 Sit and Gos -- Won 1. I’m also playing a multi-table’s a $2.20 (1 rebuy and 1 Addon)…Didn’t do to well in the multi-table tournament….Really couldn’t get anything going. Got my stack up to 18,000, but made a bonehead play and couldn’t recover…oh well..there’s always the next one.


Live Tournaments -- $-175
Live Cash Games -- $267
Online Cash Games --$-23.65
Online Sit and Gos -- $37.70
Online Tournaments -- $-6.60

TOTAL: $99.45

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