Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Pursuit to $10,000 (Days 19-21 --Nothing but Sit and Gos and one tournament)

My Pursuit to $10,000 (Days 19-21 --Nothing but Sit and Gos and one tournament)

Days 19-21 (Sit and Go Madness)

In the past 3 days, I played 14 Sit and Gos and cashed in 7 of them (which includes 2 wins). I’ve also had 3 tournaments where I finished 4th, just out of the money….I’ve busted playing very aggressively, so I’m happy with my overall performance. During this time, I’ve grinded out a profit, but it should have been more, but I’ve ran into some bad luck which is expected in these type of tournaments. Two in particular stand out…with 4 players left, the chip leader and I played a huge pot where I had Queens and he had Aces, and busted. The other one I had JJ and got in preflop against a loose-aggressive (extremely player) who had 65 suited and hit runner runner 5’s on turn and river to bust me….geez!! Oh well….

I played one multi-table tournament..a $2.20 with one rebuy/one add on..this tournament attracts of loose play….you can pretty much figure out your opponents hand ranges at this level by their bet size…they don’t understand the bet size vs. stack size ratio. They’ll either bet too much or not enough and you can pretty narrow what they have by watching this. I was able to build my stack with over 50K, but some unnecessary risks and ill-timed bets/raises were my doomed, and I busted out 8 out of the money…Oh well..Despite coming close to cashing I don’t regret how I played that tournament…Some nights it’s like that.

I’m heading for Georgia next week to visit my mom, who’s having a retirement party. Until then, I’ll probably play mainly Sit and Gos..I may slip in a couple of cash games sessions (Omaha Hi Lo)


Live Tournaments -- $-175
Live Cash Games -- $267
Online Cash Games --$-14.55
Online Sit and Gos -- $66.70
Online Tournaments -- $-13.20

TOTAL: $130.95

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