Monday, January 23, 2012


Let me introduce my friends, acquaintances, and family to my latest addiction....

Anyone who has a smartphone, android, iPhone, iPad, or any other type of communication device knows about this fun, highly-addicted game. Words with Friends is basically SCRABBLE (One of my favorite board games) with a chat bubble. What makes this game so addicting is you can play as much as 21 games at once, and it seems like it's always YOUR TURN. You can be sleeping, watching TV, driving around, chatting with your buddies, having dinner, sitting in your shitter and you'll always know it's YOUR TURN, when your notified. When you're notified, you can't wait to play your turn. 

I'm gonna tell you the truth about my time with WORD WITH FRIENDS...I SUCK AT IT!!! I think I've played 30 games, and I believe I've only won 8 matches!! Yeah!! That's right, 8 matches!!! The funny thing is I really don't care less if I win or lose..I just have to be playing! It feels like a drug at times..whenever I exhausting all my turns in all my games, I stare at my iPhone hoping one of my friends play their turn so it could be my turn again!! DAMN, am I crazy!! LOL!! I love it though! 

Another great aspect of this game is I'm finding words that I didn't know existed. Sometimes you throw words on the board and hope you hit the jackpot.Here are a few


What is a QI?? This is QI:

According to Chinese culture, Qi is a lifeforce, an energy, or energy flow. It also can get you 31 points if you can put in on a "Triple World Score" in Word for Friends! I think I've seen this symbol as a tattoo. 


What is a MOORY?? This is a MOORY:

A MOORY is a blue cloth made in India. So if you're ever in Mumbai, India and want a blue dress, make sure you ask for the MOORY

Last but not least...


What is an OUZO?? This is an OUZO:

An OUZO is an alcoholic drink usually consumed with meals. It's more prominent in Greece and Cyprus! I've never heard of this drink, I'll be sure to buy a bottle if I ever see it...I wonder if they serve in the casinos? Maybe I'll have it on the rocks while I'm sitting in a poker room...

There you have it, my rant on the greatest game ever invented for the Smartphones/Android/iPhone/iPad/. Currently I only have 9 games going so I have room for 12 more opponents. IF you're looking for an opponent, I'm your guy...just look for me...I'm waiting....

Gotta's my turn....What the heck am I gonna to with these letters:


Any suggestions??? 

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