Monday, January 30, 2012

P90x -- DAY 1 and 2

Started P90x On Sunday with Chest and Back..woke up at 6AM and despite the layoff and feeling a little rusty, I was able to get through the workout without any problems...I think the adjustment is getting up so early. It's about 10-15 minutes to get my body moving, but once it does..the workouts fly-by..

On Monday, it was Plyometrics...I love how this workout gets you're heart pumping...It's one of the harder workouts, but it makes me feels awesome after I'm done.

Ate Egg-white Mushroom-Green Onions-cheese Omelets and cottage cheese my first two days...Had a protein shake on Monday....For Lunch, I had a large salad, and for dinner it's mussels pasta..On Monday, it's Tiliapia...During the day, I snacked on Almonds -- very high source of protein. Also had a vitamin with fills in the nutritional gaps

I don't think I have a problem with working out...the problem is sticking to the diet...My first round of P90x, I stuck to the diet to the letter and lose 40 it give me motivation to get complete the diet part so I can lose more weight...

Tomorrow is Day 3 (Shoulders and Arms)...

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