Monday, January 30, 2012

"THAT GUY HITS EVERYTHING!!!" Outstanding Session at Mirage followed by disaster at Red Rock

I arrived at Mirage in time to open a brand new game...I bought in for $300, and proceeded to play nearly every hand. The table was playing VERY PASSIVE!!! Very little pre-flop raising, followed by extremely weak post-flop play. If they didn't hit anything, they were folding on the flop. If they did hit anything, they would be betting wrong, so there were an abundance of spots where I could literally take the pot away with a raise. It was a dream scenario.  I decided early in my session, if it was cheap, I was going to play as many pots as possible and hope you take advantage of the weak post flop play. The result was one of my better session...

I can't tell you how many times my opponents would make small flop bet, and I would call with a gut-shot, bottom pair, overcards, and sometimes with nothing, then if they check the turn..I would bet 100%, and they fold like a cheap

The best hand I played was actually a hand I lost:

Two limpers in front and I limped with Q10 offsuit. Blinds come along and we see the flop 5-handed...The dealer flops Q-7-7 rainbow. Everyone checks to me (As they did alot)...I fire $12...Everyone folds except this tight-old man who to my right, who hadn't played a hand since Bill Clinton was president, calls. I noticed he was holding his cards with two hands as if he wanted to make sure no one touched them...I looked at him quizzically as the dealer put up the turn card which was a Jack...He checks..I quickly check behind. The river card was another Jack, bring the final board to Q-7-7-J-J. The old man hesitates, peeks at his cards, and fires out $25 bucks...I let out slight giggle and tossed my cards into the muck...The old man quickly turns over pocket Q's for a full house, and angrily says, "How come you didn't call? This is the first hand I've had all day!!" I said "Nice hand" but in my mind I wanted to say, "Sir, you might as well been playing your hand face up."  

After 3 hours, and up a couple hundred bucks, scooped yet another pot, one of my players (Who I took advantage of many times) says, "This guy hits EVERYTHING!!" I smirked, and said, "I'm getting lucky"

That night, I made a regrettable decision because I was bored...I decided to play the 4-8 Omaha 8/Better game at Red Rock..

My initial plan was to play NL, but there was a seat open in the Omaha game and decided, what the hell, I'll try something different. I've actually played the Red Rock Omaha Game a couple of times before and I've never lost. HA HA HA HA Not tonight!!

I proceeded to drop nearly $200 bucks in less than two hours. I wasn't playing bad, but Omaha is one of the most frustrated forms of poker. You're always drawing to something whether its the high or low, so everyone is staying to the river! On this night, whenever I had the best hand...I would get destroyed on the river...If I was drawing to the nuts, I WOULD NEVER GET THERE!!

Then to make matters worse, I was playing with players like this...

Omaha Players are a different breed, because they're never happy..This lady in particular was complaining whether she won or lost a hand...and she would never muck her hand quietly...She would fling her cards at the dealer and bark smart-ass remarsk about how badly everyone was playing. And she wasn't friendly at all. She was sitting next to chatty guy and whenever he would talk to her, she would blatantly ignore him (As she was reading a romance novel, something she did when not involved in a hand.). She came across as just a crabby-old bitch who probably had a few broomsticks shoved up her ass!!

I had a slight run-in with her...I got involved in a huge pot with her and 3 other players where I had the nut-nut draw on the flop so I was pumping the pot...of course I didn't get there..This old bag ended up winning the pot, then proceeds to criticize about how I should be raising with A-2. I scoffed, "I had the nut-nut draw...If I hit my hand, I'm going to win a huge pot...I'll do it every time" The old bitch ignored, stacked her chips, then went back to her romance novel... After that hand, I left...I was pissed and felt a tilt coming along so it was best to get out of there...before I say something I would regret... 

So it was the best of was the worst of times (to quote the great Charles Dickens). I wish I didn't go to Red Rock, but I did, got stacked, but I live to tell the story...

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