Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES Poker (MGM Grand)

I worked longer than expected, probably more than I will the rest of the week (For as long as CES is in town).

Played a short session at the MGM Grand. MGM Grand was one of the favorite poker rooms a couple of years. I haven't played there in a long time, not because they did anything to drive me away, it's more circumstance. The room is a far walk from the parking lot, and it's extremely loud at night. Chips are flying from all directions, which makes for great game.

Nothing eventful happened. I made a small score, but the game was extremely tight so it was hard to extract chips. The biggest pot where I 3-bet with KK and won a continuation bet on a 877 board...Other than that, I won a lot of small pots. Overall, I have to admit it was an uneventful and boring session. When you're playing No limit hold em, you're usually winning a lot of small pots waiting for your "Double up" hand. The object is to stay patient and play optimally until the big pot comes along. Minimize your mistakes and maximize your edge, and you can win steady money playing poker...

A note of interest from this session was one of the MGM Dealers named Brandon, who dealt some of my winners.  Why do I mention him? When I dealt at Paris, Brandon used to play in our room all the time, and he was an extremely generous tipper and a good guy. I always make it a point to tip him more than usually whenever he pushes me a pot, so he did rather well whenever he pushed me a pot.

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