Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today was the official beginning of my pursuit...Woke up around 7AM and did the Chest and Back portion of P90x...Although I still feel strong despite not working out in 2 months, I decided not to overdue the workout...AS a result I only did 200 push ups and 70 Pulls Up total...As my body gets more adjusted to working out..I'll increase my workload...Mentally, it felt good to get back into the rhythm of working's something I really need in my life

For breakfast, I had eggs white omelette with mushroom, green onions, and Cheese. I also had Cottage Cheese which seems to go perfectly with the omelette...For my snack I had a protein bar and a banana...and took a multi-vitamin, which seems to get me through the day, as I had to work 10 hrs and didn't get a break for 6 I didn't get a lunch, which is not a habit I want to develop. I did have a Clif bar that got me through the final 4 hrs of my shift, but by the time I was done I was starving....For dinner I had Rosemary Chicken, Red Potatoes, and Garlic roasted Brussel Sprouts...It really hit the spot....The only bad thing about the day was I had the dinner around 9:30PM....

MONDAY is Plyometrics...I'm looking forward to jumping around like a madman :)

DAY 2: 228LB

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