Monday, January 3, 2011


It snowed in Vegas (Well, some people said it was sleet, but who looked like snow to me)...Today it was Pylometrics, which is basically jump training exercises....I was able to get through the workout, but was blown up towards the end and had to lower the intensity. It's about building up my stamina to the point where I'll get through the entire workout without heavy huffing and puffing.

The worst thing about not working out for 2 months, then getting back into it full speed is your body becomes sore as it adjusts to the new routine..Usually after a week, the soreness goes away, but right now it's a pain in the ass..What make matters worst is I've work 10.5 hrs the past two days, so it's been tough getting through the day...but I'm willing to have a little pain now to achieve the ultimate pleasure..

Today, I hate before work and eating a protein bar along with a banana really help me get me through the long days...

DAY 3: 228 LBS
NEXT EXERCISE: Shoulders and Arms..

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